The 58-year-old spent more than 100,000 yuan on silicone dolls, saying he would not use their adult functions, making them popular on the Internet.

The 58-year-old protagonist Li Du, who raised his son Yu Yang alone after divorcing his wife in 2004, said that they spent money to buy Silicone dolls to take care of them just like pets and would not use their adult functions. The main purpose of the dolls was to take pictures. “Lidun” usually likes to take photos, but can not afford to hire a model, a chance to see a beautiful doll and buy it home for one thousand yuan.
On his son’s adult gift, “Li Du” specially spent 20,000 yuan to buy him a doll as his sister. Of the seven silicone dolls, not all of them were bought back. Some of them were given to them by their baby friends because they couldn’t give up their girlfriend.

“Leaving the Dust” saw great business opportunities and learned about the huge market of silica gel dolls. He used them as models to sell clothes for silica gel dolls. He also took many pictures of Guizhou’s scenery. The models were all these seven silica gel dolls. They have their own boudoirs, almost every doll has its own hundreds of clothes, for both father and son, more than 100,000 dolls are affordable.
It’s amazing. Would you believe they would use adult functionality?

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