The 58-year-old spent more than 100,000 yuan on silicone dolls, saying he would not use their adult functions, making them popular on the Internet.

The 58-year-old protagonist Li Du, who raised his son Yu Yang alone after divorcing his wife in 2004, said that they spent money to buy Silicone dolls to take care of them just like pets and would not use their adult functions. The main purpose of the dolls was to take pictures. “Lidun” usually likes […]

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Japan’s 60-year-old man falls in love with a silicone doll, which is no different from the real couple ever since.

In Japan, there is an old man in his sixties who has a wife and children, and the family premise is very good. He should be a very lucky family, but he likes a silicone solid doll. He not only sleeps together every day and watches TV together, but also takes it with him even […]

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Tiny silicone baby comes into the world with open eyes, but the truth is not human

It’s not unusual to have a baby, but this baby is so unusual, like a surreal baby, unbelievable, the doctor first wrapped in what seems to be a layer of amniotic sac baby to the bed, calm eyes, and swarthy skin, looks very healthy, you guessed it! Tiny silicone baby is not real, but tiny […]

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